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I have worked with several IT companies. None of which I would or could recommend....until now!!!! Robert McDonald is easy to get a hold of, honest, forthcoming, hard worker and best of all, admits when he is wrong haha which is not very often!!! Best tech, hands down Chris Hook, he's off the hook good, captain of the IT world here locally, that's right, I sure do call him Captain Hook! Look, it just works and really he deserves it. Just the most recent heroism by Capt Hook: major issue with a program I run. They just could not fix it (programmer) and bad response time ugh. So I called in the Captain and yep, he fixed it. It truly is a relief to actually have someone who is efficient, kind and succeeds in whatever crazy task I come up with. Truly, much respect and thanks to Lanpro!
Melissa L.
Watson Realty
I am the financial controller of a farming and property management company. Lanpro has serviced our IT needs for many years. When we recently moved our corporate office, they handled moving our server, splitting out phone systems, etc. perfectly. We were up and running on day one as promised. What a great team of experienced, friendly people. If you are considering making a change or need new service, give them a call.
Rhonda R.
Wegis & Young
LanPro has been an outstanding service provider for our multiple commercial real estate offices. From the leadership of the company to the tech personnel in the field we always were treated with exceptional, timely, and professional service. I'm very comfortable recommending LanPro to any size business.
Vincent Roche
Cushman & Wakefield
The Lanpro team has been invaluable over the past several years for our company, and I am so appreciative to have had the opportunity to work with them. I'm extremely grateful to the team for everything from last-minute disasters and requests to long difficult projects.

Always professional, helpful, polite, willing to go above and beyond, and sensitive to our companies needs – thank you all soooo much Lanpro!!!!
Justin H.
Cushman & Wakefield
I have been using LanPro Systems, Inc. for many years. They provide top level services, and any time I have a problem they immediately handle the situation. They have great customer service, and the staff is very professional. I recommend LanPro to all my clients, and have never been let down by Chris and his team.
Justin Regan
Justin Regan Accountancy Corporation
We have worked with Lanpro Systems for several years. They are an intricate part of our operations. Their knowledge base and helpfulness are incomparable, and I enjoy working with them. Always very grateful for Chris and his staff.
Mark Smith
ASU Commercial
We have worked with Lanpro Systems for several years. They are an intricate part of our operations. Their knowledge base and helpfulness are incomparable, and I enjoy working with them. Always very grateful for Chris and his staff.
Todd Snider
Western Ag Crop Insurance Services
As a new business owner, I was overwhelmed with all of the decisions to be made. Knowing virtually nothing about computers, I decided to go with Lanpro Systems, a local company. Not only did they come in significantly under the price quoted to me by a national chain, they surpassed all of my expectations. Everyone that works for Chris has given me amazing service. They have taken a lot of stress out of my life just knowing their support is a phone call away and that I'll never be left on the phone waiting to speak to a customer service agent. Now I have all the time in the world to focus on what I do best - dentistry!
Dr. Nicole Watson
We have been with Lanpro since day one and there is a reason we have stayed clients for these last 20 years.  Lanpro has kept us up with the ever changing network landscape.  The courts and the practice of law have been trying to keep up with digital technology. Lanpro takes the lead and work closely with our case management software when there are updates and changes.  They review our network and have anticipated our needs and made recommendations to secure and protect our clients’ files on our servers.  They were instrumental in allowing us to work remotely during the pandemic.   Lanpro gives us trusted advice with regards to our network so I can concentrate on my clients and work.  Although they have grown over the years, their individual attention, responsiveness and care makes us feel like we are their top priority.
Brandon Holladay, Attorney at Law
Law Office of Young & Nichols
Working with Lanpro has made my life so much easier. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff have provided a valuable service that contributes to the productivity and efficiency of our day to day operations. Lanpro is an amazingly supportive company, and am very grateful to have them as part of our team.
Jennifer Valentino
ASU Newmark
I became familiar with LanPro Systems and Chris McGlassen through a professional referral networking organization that we both belong to. Throughout my career, IT has been a responsibility that has followed me from position to position. Wearing many hats as operations and sales manager of a company that needs to be on track to do everything “Kwikly”, any IT issues that arise can be a huge detriment to productivity and client deadlines. As I began to network with Chris I could tell he was the type of person that I would want to do business with. Shortly after, we brought Chris onboard to upgrade our server and systems in-house. Chris’s staff were timely, reliable and responsive throughout the entire process. Not long after that, we decided to bring LanPro onboard with their Managed IT Services program. One of the BEST decisions I have made on the operations side of Kwik Signs. Now, whenever something IT related comes up – I am not losing time or productivity from me and my staff to try and “figure it out”, but rather can shoot a Kwik email and have the problem addressed and usually fixed within moments. Using LanPro Systems just makes sense….and for businesses that usually ends up equaling dollars. I would highly recommend Chris and his staff.
Christina Blanton
Operations & Sales Manager
Kwik Signs, Inc.
I've worked with LANPRO for going on 5 years now and to date, they have always been there when I needed them. Their new managed service offering allows for better IT budgeting on my part and gives me all the technical resources I need in supporting our very sophisticated, very mission-critical computer network infrastructure. In my opinion, there is no better IT support firm in Bakersfield!
Tina Lobregat
IT Manager
Kern Neurology Medical Group
I rely on LANPRO to manage every aspect of my computer network infrastructure. As owner of one of the fastest growing Physical Therapy organizations in Bakersfield, I don't have the time to worry about the stability and upkeep of my computer network and I have found that with Lanpro overseeing my day-to-day networking needs, I can concentrate my efforts on the continual growth of my business and have the peace of mind of knowing that my network infrastructure will grow with me. I would recommend Lanpro to anyone who is seeking a reliable, affordable, and trustworthy IT consulting firm!
Tim Terrio
Terrio Therapy & Fitness, Inc.
I wanted to personally thank you for the professional and seamless transition of our systems administration functions to your firm. Your team has delivered as promised on each commitment and quickly has earned the respect of both myself and my peers at Klassen Corporation. We are pleased to know our systems are operating under your capable watch.
Mark Delmarter
Director of Business Development
Klassen Corporation
As IT Manager at Klassen Corporation, I can say with certainty that our moving our systems administration functions under the management services of LANPRO has proved to be the right decision. The team at LANPRO has been proactive in determining our needs, forward-thinking in their suggested solutions and has been very reliable as they have consistently delivered what they've promised. I am quite pleased with LANPRO's performance to date and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.
Beigher Taylor
IT Manager
Klassen Corporation
Lanpro is an integral part of Stria’s ecosystem. We produce several terabytes of data every quarter and LanPro has been a strategic partner as we’ve developed secure and cost-effective ways to move, manage and store this immense amount of data. The success Stria enjoys is based on relationships with best-in-class providers and that’s why we chose Lanpro: They are the unequivocal regional leader when it comes to IT planning and execution.
Jim Damian
Stria, Inc.