I became familiar with LanPro Systems and Chris McGlassen through a professional referral networking organization that we both belong to. Throughout my career, IT has been a responsibility that has followed me from position to position. Wearing many hats as operations and sales manager of a company that needs to be on track to do everything “Kwikly”, any IT issues that arise can be a huge detriment to productivity and client deadlines. As I began to network with Chris I could tell he was the type of person that I would want to do business with. Shortly after, we brought Chris onboard to upgrade our server and systems in-house. Chris’s staff were timely, reliable and responsive throughout the entire process. Not long after that, we decided to bring LanPro onboard with their Managed IT Services program. One of the BEST decisions I have made on the operations side of Kwik Signs. Now, whenever something IT related comes up – I am not losing time or productivity from me and my staff to try and “figure it out”, but rather can shoot a Kwik email and have the problem addressed and usually fixed within moments. Using LanPro Systems just makes sense….and for businesses that usually ends up equaling dollars. I would highly recommend Chris and his staff.

Christina Blanton
Operations & Sales Manager
Kwik Signs, Inc.