LANPRO Lease Options

Affordable hardware and software without the headaches

LANPRO lease options is an effective way to ease your frustrations from the regular need for new equipment and operating systems and its effect on your budget. Lets face it, the need for new servers, workstations, software, etc. is never going away. In fact, most of these items have the life expectancy of about 4 years; sometimes less depending on the environment that it's put in.

For a flat monthly fee, we can couple all of your hardware, software, and iManage support services in to one, easy to manage, and VERY AFFORDABLE package. The advantages are incredible:

  • Conserve Cash - Reserve your cash for other business opportunities such as marketing, working capital, or seasonal cash flow needs.
  • Preserve Your Credit Lines - Leave your existing lines of credit untouched and ready to use for operational and short-term financing needs.
  • Leverage Tax Benefits - Unlike loan payments, LANPRO lease payments can be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense.
  • 100% Financing - The LANPRO lease package finances 100% of the cost of the equipment and software. You can include all "soft" costs in to your package such as shipping, software, training, and installation. Unlike a bank loan, there is no down payment or compensating balances required.
  • Overcome Budget Limits - In situations where limited budgets would ordinarily delay or prevent the acquisition of equipment due to a limit on capital expenditures, the LANPRO lease offering allows for quick budget approval due to its small monthly expense. Our packages can fit the tightest of budgetary constraints.
  • Eliminate Obsolescence - The LANPRO lease offering lets you regularly upgrade your equipment to the next generation. In most cases, LANPRO customers rotate their entire computer network infrastructure (hardware and software) about every 3 to 4 years. This eliminates the inefficiencies, headaches, and cost of owning and maintaining un-warrantied and out-dated computer technology.
  • Let It Pay For Itself - Monthly payments allow you to use your equipment immediately. And, the new equipment, with its operating efficiencies, pays for itself as you use it...over time. Profits are generated by the use rather than the ownership of equipment. Ownership can be an expensive luxury!
  • We provide infrastructure hardware, operating systems, and other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches, and firewalls.

    Let us bring predictability to your expenses as well as your revenue and profits.

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