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Comprehensive suite of IT consulting services in Fresno

Want to achieve the maximum return on your IT investments? Our expert IT advisors can help.

Navigating the complex world of technology without professional guidance can be time-consuming and costly. With LANPRO Systems, Inc.’s expert IT consultants providing strategic advice, you can eliminate the high costs of hiring a technology advisor and leverage our team’s 20 years of experience to drive your business forward. We are dedicated to providing you with essential knowledge and best practices so you can accelerate your business growth through highly optimized technology. 

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Why is LANPRO Systems, Inc. the top IT consultant for Fresno businesses?

Established in 2003 by Chris McGlasson, LANPRO Systems was founded on the principle that there is a better way to provide technology guidance, service, and support to organizations like yours. We have assembled an outstanding team of engineers, technicians, technology consultants, developers, designers, business professionals, and partners to bring you expert solutions for all of your technology needs. 

The value we provide goes beyond just resolving your support issues. With LANPRO on your team, you’ll have a true technology partner that can enhance your business by providing the strategic guidance you need to maximize your technology investments.

Comprehensive IT consulting services for businesses of all sizes

Long-term planning that prepares you for future growth

Our consultants communicate in plain language, no technical jargon

Expert guidance from our highly experienced tech advisors

Frequently Asked Questions


IT consulting services involve customized IT project management and advisory services on how an organization can best leverage technology to achieve business goals and maximum ROI. Strategic planning, vendor negotiation, and post-project support are all part of IT consulting services.

Most IT projects fail because of unclear specifications and unforeseen risks. A clear specification with an acceptance testing plan guarantees you will get what you are expecting. Technology changes rapidly, so there are unforeseen risks in every IT project. Identifying and managing those risks guarantees that your projects will not experience substantial budget overruns, schedule delays, and possibly even complete failure.

Certifications and results are the two most important considerations when it comes to selecting an IT partner. Certifications guarantee knowledge and relevant experience. Results are the ultimate goal, but combining results with certifications is the best guarantee of success.

Many of the businesses we work with also have their own internal IT teams. They partner with us for our IT Consulting services to leverage our guidance and expertise when it comes to devising long-term technology roadmap or implementing large and complex IT projects.

Accelerate your Fresno business’s growth with professional IT consulting services from LANPRO Systems, Inc.

Trust LANPRO’s team of IT advisors to help you get the most out of your technology investments.

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Trust LANPRO’s team of IT advisors to help you get the most out of your technology investments.

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