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Law firms need specialized IT solutions to improve their productivity while keeping their client data safe from cyberthreats. Without the right tools and services or the experience to manage them properly, your law firm will face frustrating breakdowns in workflows or even the threat of data theft, significantly impacting your firm’s reputation.

LANPRO’s team of IT engineers will keep these issues at bay by implementing and managing the IT solutions your law firm needs to succeed. With cutting-edge tools such as case management software, CRM programs, and cybersecurity protocols, your IT will improve staff productivity and give you the edge you need to win cases.

LANPRO’s legal IT solutions can help your firm:

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How we’ve helped law firms

We have been with Lanpro since day one and there is a reason we have stayed clients for these last 20 years.  Lanpro has kept us up with the ever changing network landscape.  The courts and the practice of law have been trying to keep up with digital technology. Lanpro takes the lead and work closely with our case management software when there are updates and changes.  They review our network and have anticipated our needs and made recommendations to secure and protect our clients’ files on our servers.  They were instrumental in allowing us to work remotely during the pandemic.   Lanpro gives us trusted advice with regards to our network so I can concentrate on my clients and work.  Although they have grown over the years, their individual attention, responsiveness and care makes us feel like we are their top priority.
— Brandon Holladay, Attorney at Law
Law Office of Young & Nichols