Dell AppAssure – The Last Server Backup Solution You’ll Ever Need!


We found it folks! The last piece of server backup software you’ll ever need! After months of internal testing, we have committed to standardizing on the Dell AppAssure data backup solution for our new and existing clientele. Protecting our client’s data is by far one of the biggest responsibilities we have as an Managed Service Provider (MSP) and our lab testing results have shown that we are able to get faster, more reliable, feature packed backup routines with AppAssure than we have with any other backup solution utilized to date.

We have already started aggressively rolling out the new Dell AppAssure product across many of our existing Managed Service client server platforms and if you haven’t already received a proposal from the LANPRO sales team, you will be in the not so distant future; especially for those of you that have backup software renewals coming up here soon. For any immediate inquiries you have on AppAssure, please direct your questions to your LANPRO sales rep or shoot us an email at